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This is Rosalee and me…

I woke up one morning and found this email in my inbox…

Rosalee wrote…

I believe my reply was…


Has herbalism ever seemed overwhelming?

Have you ever had a challenge figuring out what herb to use?

Are you new at all this and looking for a great place to start?

Then please read on…


The Mystical Becomes Tangible…

Exploring herbs through the sense of taste is a traditional tool that has been used for as long as we can imagine.

Before microscopes, petri dishes and isolated chemical constituents, taste was a practical tool to give someone insight into how to use an herb.

Of course, this is very much alive today.

To most, this seems like a mystical skill.

However, it’s actually very practicle.

No need to spend years learning Ayurvedic or Chinese medicine.

You can learn to use your sense of taste without studying these complex forms of medicine.

Also, no more relying ONLY on the lists of herbs found in books.

This tangible skill is very hands-on, practical, and FUN.

So now, let’s…




As you can tell from her 3 A.M. inspiration above, Rosalee de la Forêt has a gift.

She has a way of taking complex concepts, and distilling them into something that’s easy for people to understand.

However, Rosalee was not always an herbalist.

Years ago she was diagnoses with a rare autoimmune disease.

Doctors told her her years were limited and there was no cure.

She turned to professional herbalists and acupuncturists, and her symptoms subsided in 6 months.

She turned this experience into a PASSION for learning and teaching others about herbs.

In time, people came to her for help.

However, she found her skills were limited when she tried the approach of matching symptoms to a list of possible remedies.

So, she went back to school. She studied at American Herbalist Guild certified professional courses, such as with KP Khalsa and Michael Tierra.

By learning traditional styles of herbalism, she learned how to use her sense of TASTE to match herbs to people.

After opening an herbal clinic, she found she had the confidence to help people with chronic issues, and her methods were much more effective.

It was just a matter of time before Rosalee figured out how to mentor others with these same skills.

  There are only so many people who can grasp the complex teachings of traditional medicine, fuse it with western herbalism, and spin it into a fabric of learning that we can ALL understand…even if you’re new to herbalism.

Rosalee is one of these rare people.

Let me sum it up…

Rosalee is going to teach you how to use your sense of taste when choosing herbs and remedies… without having to study any ancient herbal texts. :)



Taste of Herbs is an online course that trains you in how to choose the right herbal remedy.

Rosalee spent years of hard work distilling this information into a simple system that anyone can understand.

When you join, you get access to the Taste of Herbs course site…

The course has 5 main sections.

Each main section of the site covers one of the five tastes…
Pungent, salty, sour, bitter and sweet.

After a thorough introduction, you start on the Pungent Taste.

Every month a new “Taste” is released until all five tastes are released.

Below, you’ll see how we turn the Flavor Wheel into a course…



Want to understand “The Blueprint?”

  • The Taste of Herbs Flavor Wheel is your course map. 
  • The second ring of the Wheel lists the main herbal actions.
  • Herbal actions on the wheel have associated video lessons.
  • The inner rings of the wheel are explained in these videos.
  • Recipes and activities integrate what you learn in the lesson. These connect you with the outter most ring of the Wheel that list the plants. Simple as that!
  • It’s hands-on and practical.
  • By the end of the course, you’ll understand the Taste of Herbs Flavor Wheel and how to use it for your day to day learning.

Recipes & Remedies for Every Lesson

After you watch the video lesson, you can get right to the “play” work.
Every lesson in each of the 5 Tastes has recipes and exercises that help you integrate lessons you learn from the Flavor Wheel.
Being Taste of Herbs is about learning with your senses, these hands-on and practical experiences will help you grasp the concepts and skills in no time.

What other course has you integrate lessons by making recipes and remedies like this?

  • Cayenne salve
  • Lemon balm lip balm
  • Anti-spasmotic liniment
  • Crampbark chai
  • Kava hot cocoa
  • Cardamon and chia seed pudding
  • Damiana tea
  • Arnica ointment
  • Parsley Pesto
  • Nutmeg milk
  • Herbal mouthwash
  • Apples with juniper dessert
  • Elecampane honey
  • Homemade mustard (and loads more)
  • Don’t forget all the recipes for the other 4 Tastes!

    Seriously…you assimilate the skills in the Taste of Herbs lessons by doing REALLY fun recipes like all those above.

    Has “homework” ever  been THIS cool? :)


Transcripts & More…

Producer John Gallagher designed many acclaimed home study courses over the last 20 years, and knows what learning tools help folks learn best. For each lesson we’ve included…

  • Transcripts for following along, note taking and for the hearing impaired. Included for every lesson and video.
  • PDF of presentation slides for each lesson.
  • Audio mp3 for each video lesson for those on the go.
  • A Chat area to learn with other folks taking the course. Having a community to learn with can make a huge difference.


Rosalee goes on a Taste of Herbs Garden Walk
In Rosalee’s first video plant walk, she gives you a tour of her gardens in the Methow Valley.
Echinacea, plantain, elder, chamomile, calendula, marshmallow, oregon grape and holy basil
are among the 10 plant walk videos.


Join Rosalee in the kitchen for 5 recipe videos.
Rosalee gives you dozens of PDF recipes, and she heads to the kitchen to
demonstrate one recipe per Taste. Included are
Astragalus Chai, Elderberry Oxymel and Sea Zest Seasoning!


For each of the five tastes, Rosalee provides her famous plant monographs.
This is like getting a bonus herbal book in itself, as these in-depth monographs
cover many of the plants discussed in this course.

  • This is a course for any experience level of herbalism.
  • Slow connection? Videos are downloadable.
  • Works on iPad, iPhone & other mobile devices/tablets with a web connection.
  • Work on lessons at your own pace. Easily fits into the busiest of schedules.
  • You never lose access to the site. Enroll now, work on it later.



Q&A with Rosalee for 5 months!

For five months, Rosalee will answer your questions on the site & in audio Q&A sessions.
This is the ONLY time this wil be offered with this course. A rare opportunity.

VALUE: Priceless


16″×20″ Flavor Wheel Wall Chart!

No matter where you live, we will ship you one Taste of Herbs Flavor Wheel Wall Chart.
This chart is printed on high quality, 100% post-consumer recycled paper in the U.S.A.
We do not sell this chart separately.

VALUE: $20

…………………………….. “I am learning and enjoying it very much. Everything is right about this course. It is very well organized and presented wonderfully. It starts simple and becomes advance. The exercises give me practical sense of what I’m learning. I’ve had questions and Rosalee has been great answering them clearly.   I have taken many courses in the past but I must say this one is A++++……+”

 - Masoud R., New Jersey

“It is highly organized, and simplified!  The Welcoming videos and tutorials of how to navigate around the site are exceptional.”

- S. Willis, Oregon

 “Taste of Herbs is an exploding sensation, It is deliciously delightful!”

- K. Underwood

“Rosalee offers herbal knowledge in a new and exciting way though exploring taste. The info presented is engaging and accessible and there is something for every learning style. ”

- S. Witter, Canada

“Wow!  Am sooo impressed with the Taste of Herbs flavor wheel and the way Rosalee gives the key to unlocking those herbs you may not have used before, or didn’t know how to combine.  I’ve just started the course but am learning with each video.  Thanks John and Rosalee!”

- S. Hays, Oklahoma


“I recently completed the Herbal Basics course - which excited and inspired me to keep learning.  But I couldn’t figure out what to do next.  I’m so happy I discovered “Taste of Herbs”! In one class, it offers the big picture, introduction to lots of herbs and hands-on ways to practice!  All that and the chance to ask Rosalee questions!  What more could I ask for?”

-K. Marotta, Charlottesville, Virginia

“What a thorough job, Rosalee! The presentation is clear and memorable, and organized in an accessible manner.  I especially appreciate the characters used to illustrate the attributes of people. I fully expect this course to vastly improve my ability to match herbs to people.”

  R. Smith, Lacey WA

“I just began my Taste of Herbs course and so far I am loving it.  First of all I love Rosalee’s voice and how she has the ability to sound so down to earth, like we are just sitting across from each other having coffee or tea. I am also really excited about this approach to matching herbs to people and the energetic properties of herbs.  I haven’t seen it addressed this way before.  I am not an herbalist, just a stay at home mom that teaches and practices Reiki, who has always had an affinity to herbs and a more holistic approach to health and wellness.  I am excited to finally have some help!  By the way…LOVED the Herbal Medicine Kit and am brewing tincture as I watch these videos, on to the salve tomorrow!  Thank you for offering this!”

- R. Thompson, Los Angeles CA

“Taste of Herbs is a delicious combination of multimedia experiences with the delightful Rosalee and John. As someone with a strong background in 5 Element Theory and Herbalism, I am delighted with this course on herbs and food.”

- D. Nova, CA

“I love how everything is explained so clearly, it is definitely an easy way to learn. And fun, too :)”

 - C. Castro, US

“This will be very helpful for me, especially I am making natural cosmetics, I found out that I need to make my own tinctures, oil and etc. By identifying and understand the use and benefits of herbs I can make my products more effective for the specific use or problem. With the chart and other information that is included I know it will benefit me for my knowledge, understanding and especially for the products I am producing. Thank you for making this possible for a new formulator like me.”

– C. Regalado, Norwalk, CA

“I am really really enjoying the Taste of Herbs online course. Rosalee has such a wonderful gift of explaining how herbs work with our systems…I love how she uses simple characters like tigger and piglet to describe how some peoples dispositions are different than others and how to go about treating different health issues based on the individual. Love love love her!! The wheel is brilliant!!”

- I. Hunter, Tacoma, WA

“Oh WOW! THANK YOU Rosalee and John and all of the fine folks at Learning Herbs for this easy-to-use and practical course! I’m a new herbalist and am SO happy to have the Taste of Herbs wheel in my toolkit to help me choose herbs :)   Many thanks for your sharing attitude and the bonus recipes, wall chart, and Q&A with Rosalee!!!”

 - Violet L., San Diego, Ca

 “Taste of Herbs has brought a new and much welcomed perspective to my herbal studies. The door is open to tasting every herb I have and will ever meet.  I am so grateful. This is a well thought out, inclusive program. Thank you. AND thank you for making it affordable.”

 - A. Lewis Oregon, USA

“Rosalee Mentioned in the introductory video that she has been working on the content for 2 years, and noticed first and foremost the amount of information that is placed out so well and easy to use on the site! I love that I can refer back to the PDFs provided and that Rosalee is available to answer any questions I may have for five months during this online course! Thank you for always letting me know about all these great online gifts of information! :)

 - M. Martel, Canada

“Just because one herb works for everyone else doesn’t mean it will work for you!! I love this course as a tool for my tool box on a better understanding of myself and how herbs work with me.”

 - E. Fletcher, PA

“Taste of Herbs is easy and fun. The information is presented with everyday examples which makes the knowledge immediately applicable.”

- J. King Oregon

 “I’ve seen and downloaded the chart, i’ve listened to the introductory videos, checked out a few of the  plant monographs, and started learning about the Pungent Taste. I have to say i am so excited about this course and  am really impressed by everything I’ve seen so far!”

– C. Simon, Pennsylvania


“Taste of Herbs program is presenting a unique orientation in the diamond of herbal understanding and application. Feel as if my knowledge of herbs will be vastly broadened and deepened as the course unfolds.  Feel very supported by the creators of the program.”

 - L. Stillwater, Oregon

 “I am delighted with this course. Although I have studied herbs for some years I love to continue learning.And John and Rosalee, you make learning simple and yet interesting and fun. I’m a visual learner so your colorful pictures are a rich added blessing.”

 - M. Firrisi, British Columbia, Canada


 “I am very impressed!  I have watched a couple videos and downloaded some materials. So far everything is very professional and I am so excited to learn Taste of Herbs! The two years it has taken to put Taste of Herbs together was well spent.  Great job!”

   – Jannel D., Prosser, WA

 “Heartwarming….A blessing to see that this precious knowledge is being shared so generously, and in the way it is. It is great to see how VISUAL everything is! That’s the best and most natural way to learn for most of us!”

  – C. Smith, British Columbia, Canada

“Fantastic! Very well organized and easily understood. It had me in the kitchen on day one.”

  – S. Sibert, Texas

“Putting together Western herbalism, TCM and Ayurveda – brilliant! And I particularly like the “different herbs for different folks” aspect. This is going to be great fun!”

  – P.Deveraux, New Zealand

“Beautiful! Clear and concise. I think John was right on when he said Rosalee has a gift of distilling out the pure essence of herbal knowledge and dispensing it in portions easy to understand. She is a gem! I am deeply enjoying the first lesson and looking forward to the next.”

  – A. Scheer MN

“The Taste of Herbs chart is an inspired compilation of the Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western herbalism traditions into a practical, easy-to-use guide for “armchair” herbalists. I couldn’t believe this incredibly helpful tool also came with an affordable companion course with videos, recipes, and instructor interaction! HerbMentor continues to do a wonderful job of ‘taking herbs to the masses.’ Keep up the great work!”

  – K. Cregeur, Washington

“I love the different learning styles, though I haven’t tested I love that you have already tested different browsers AND different devices. You’ve worked out the kinks already!!    In terms of content, I love love love the videos, and love the colorful PDFs in the bonus section on different herbs.  I find it well organized, and like that tastes are released one month at a time, so the user will not get overwhelmed.  I really appreciate both yours, John (and family) and Rosalees time, you can tell all the work that has gone into this. I hope to be able to support my families health with all the learning on “taste of herbs.” thank you! thank you!!”

  – L. Van Nostrand-Northern CA

“Since I had my first conduct with the herb world, I continuosly ask the same question to myself and to all teachers at the seminars I’ve been: from the endless list of herbs that are appropriate for a specific symptom how can someone  choose which one to use?  This is the first time I get a complete answer to my question. For me the understanding of the above answer is the map to make my way through the practical use of herbs. I’ve spend years looking to beautiful herb pictures in books without getting really competent to use them. Although we are still at the beginning of the course, it is already obvious that I’m in front of a huge step in my herbal knowledge.”

  -  E.Christoforatou, Greece

“Absolutely fantastic!”

  – C. Gilbert, Victoria BC, Canada


And that was just a FEW of them!
I have NEVER had so many people offer such wonderful feedback after ONE day.


You JUST missed Taste of Herbs…


Taste of Herbs recently closed enrollment.
You just never know when we’ll have a surpise opening for folks on the waiting list…

If you are still interested in Taste of Herbs, please enter your email address above.